Is it a drastic step to get rid of 6 veneers and replace with crowns

Q. Dear doctor, I have tetracycline staining of my teeth for which I got veneers for the upper front 6 teeth (incisors & canines ect.) 4 years ago. My teeth are also big and crowded. Now its time to change the veneers as they are getting yellow. I have been told that the only way to improve my smile is crowns (not veneers)and I feel it is a bit of a drastic step to get rid of 6 normal functioning teeth and get crowns instead. What is your opinion regarding this? I am sorry to ask a difficult question especially when you have not seen my teeth. Thanks!

A. Hi
like you say it is difficult to say as usually veneers do not stain that quick
there may be the option of a 3/4 coverage porcelain restoration but without examinatin i cannot confirm

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