Is Gum Treatment Free for Under 16s?

Hi! I am 14 and have had braces to fix my teeth. I am now on night-time only retainers. I have 3 problems: 

1) My gum line is uneven.
2) I lost my first retainers and had to go without them for a while and though I asked to have my teeth straightened as they stuck out a little, I was advised by my orthodontist to ‘just leave it’ and now have retainers in the form of my goofier teeth with my wisdom teeth almost fully grown.
3) My front tooth has a little yellow stain from natural causes. 
What I want to know is, will the gum treatment be free for me? Will the stain be able to be removed?
Will I have to still pay for new retainers that fit over my wisdom teeth also?
Thank you.

Hello, thank you for your questions. If you’re under 16 and an NHS patient, the treatment should be free, although you may need to pay for new retainers if you lost the first set. Kind regards, Andrew. 
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