Invisalign Won’t Work As My Overbite Is Too Big. Please Let Me Know If There Are Any Other Options Available?

Hi Dr Hughes,
I am 18 years old. When I was little I sucked my thumb and it caused a drastic overbite and I had to have surgery because the skin where my upper lip meets my gums caused a big gap in my front teeth. I hate how my teeth look, but I don’t want braces for years because I get such severe canker sores in my mouth. Is there any faster form of braces or anything that may cause less mouth pain or prone to sores. If I do have to go with braces I would at least like to know if there are any fast and reliable choices. Invisalign won’t work because my over bite is too big. Please let me know if there any other options available. Thanks!
Hello and thank you for getting in touch with me. If your overjet/bite is significant then fixed appliances and/or a surgical intervention may be the only options available to you, so for this reason I would suggest that you consult an experienced orthodontist to help you with this treatment. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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