I’m Worried That I’ll Keep Having To Pay For Crowns, Would I Be Better With A Permanent Metal One?

Hello, Dr Moore. I’ve previously had treatment for a porcelain crowning fitted onto my bottom left incisor, but after a year it has completely shattered off, the capping I had before this was a lot stronger, but I fear now that I’m 18 that I have to pay for a new one, and I’m told that the crowns are only meant to last for a few years and it’s a 300 pound replacement each time which I would struggle to afford. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I would rather have a more permanent metal replacement of some sort. What would be best type to get and how much would it cost me? Also what do you think would be the cheapest? Thanks, I really hope you can answer my question.
Hello, thank you for your enquiry. I would suggest that a metal ceramic should be stronger and look better than metal alone. Why not find a clinic that can offer some kind of payment plan to ease your worries when paying for the treatment. I hope this helps, Best Wishes, Andrew.
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