I’m Unhappy With The Size Of My Crowns, But My Dentist Has Scared Me From Getting Them Re-done. What Should I Do?

Hello, I have had three of my front teeth fitted with porcelain crowns but I am unhappy with their appearance – my dentist has agreed to replace them. However, two of the teeth are root filled and quite weak. My dentist has scared me by telling me that it’s a high probability removing the crowns will damage whats left of the teeth and he’s not keen on fitting posts – he says they don’t last long and can cause problems. I don’t know whether to just leave them (even though I’ve paid £600 per crown) or chance it and have them redone.
Any advice would be appreciated?
Many thanks.
Hello and thank you for writing in. Unfortunately without having your X-rays in front of me it’s difficult whether to say I agree with your dentist or not and can’t advise you properly. You could go for a consultation with another more experienced dentist if you a truly not happy with your crowns. It may be a decision you need to take on your own knowing the risks, however. Thanks and best of luck with this. Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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