I’m Scared To Have Another Root Canal In Case It Needs Extracting. What Are My Other Options?

Hi Dr Moore. I had root canal many years ago, but it didn’t really cure the infections and I was always in pain. In the end I had to have both teeth extracted. I take great care with my teeth to the extent I have become a bit paranoid. I have now developed another infection which I am told I will have to have either root canal or extraction. I am petrified to have this done in case I lose another tooth, I will also have no teeth on my upper left jaw. What are my options? Thank you in advance for your reply.
Hello, thank you for your enquiry. If you don’t want a root canal treatment then you could consider removing the tooth and using a dental implant or bridge to replace the missing tooth. In most cases implants work the best. Implants are more expensive however. Try to find an experienced cosmetic dentist with a proven track record and discuss your options. I hope this helps to clarify things for you. Best wishes, Dr Andrew Moore.
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