I’m scared of losing my teeth because of bone loss in my gums, can a bone graft help me?

im 47 never smoked my mother and grandmother lost all their teeth due to loosing bone in their gums,4years ago i noticed small gap and front tooth loose,dentist refered me to birmingham but said there would be a 2 year wait,i have been attending birmingham 2 years and was told it should have been 6 weeks wait.not only have i lost bone and have a gap my front tooth is now jutting out and affects my speech,i just want the front teeth rectified im devasted and avoid going out, i have heard of bone graft what are my options i cannot go another year visiting birmingham my life is on hold.thank you
You need to see a specialist Periodontist and get the gum disease under control Dr Mark Howdle is a specialist at this clinic .Depending how far your front tooth sticks out depends on what treatment is available Iam happy to take a look please feel free to contact the clinic for a consultation.
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