I’m Not Happy With My Implant Crown, Can My Dentist Correct It Free Of Charge?

Hi, about a year ago I had a crown replaced which looked great and I was really happy with. After about three months I was in considerable pain and was told that my root had fractured and that I would now lose my tooth. I was given the option of a denture, bridge or implant. I decided to go with the implant as I felt this would be more beneficial. My other front tooth was always very slightly set back from my crown (naturally) and very slightly discoloured from the rest of my teeth and it was always my intention to have a veneer or crown on this one too in order to give myself a straighter smile. I went ahead and had the implant then my dentist went on maternity leave. Another dentist took over and did the impressions for my implant crown and at the time I informed her that I was going to have some sort of work on the one next to it done when my original dentist came back. When my crown came back and was fitted I noticed it stuck out quite a lot from my other teeth and much further than my original crown had. Where my other teeth come straight down, this one kicks out. I also have no bite at all on this tooth now. When I queried this I was told that it is preferred that you don’t have any bite on an implant at all and because I was going to have work done on the tooth next to it, it allowed them to change the shape of my tooth. I was never asked nor agreed to changing of the shape of my tooth. She told me it looked great and said I’d get used to it.

I was going to wait until my original dentist came back from maternity leave before having any work done on the front tooth next to it but decided that I couldn’t wait as the new ‘sticky out’ implant made the one next to it seem even further in so I went back and saw the dentist who did the implant. She is now saying that rather than cut away at the healthy tooth next to it and fit a crown that she would rather fit a veneer instead but that this won’t bring the tooth in line with the implant. I have two options now, I can either accept that since my implant sticks out so far and I have a veneer that I will never have straight teeth or, I can have my other tooth crowned to bring it in line with my sticky out implant and have two sticky out teeth!! I feel that the problem is with the implant crown but my dentist doesn’t see this. She says that I notice it because I’m aware of it but no one else does!! I really hate my teeth now but I’m loathe to pay again to replace the crown. Is there any way that I can insist on them correcting the crown on the implant free of charge? Am now wishing I had just gone for a bridge instead as my temporary one (done by my original dentist) looked much more natural.

I can’t really comment without seeing you but I’m sure the dentist would have replaced the implant crown if that was the correct and easiest thing to do. Regards, Andrew. 
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