I’m Not Comfortable with my Crowns. Can They Be Altered?

I have paid approximately £10,000 for most of my teeth to have crowns.
The bottom teeth were done last and I had several sets of temporaries to get the bite correct. The bottom finals have gone in but the front 4 teeth are too tall, they are predominant and quite apparent whilst I’m talking. They also point forward quite a lot. This is nothing like the temporaries that were fitted. I’m not comfortable with these teeth. I had them done 10 days ago. What do I do if the dentist makes it difficult for me to change after explaining? I’d really appreciate an opinion from yourself Andrew.
Hi, thank you for writing in with your question. I’m sure he won’t have a problem with altering them as it sounds like he’s tried to get them right by trying different temporary crowns. Go back and express your concerns and see what he thinks. Regards, Andrew. 
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