I’m Looking For A Decent New Crown To Improve My Appearance. But Would A Dental Implant Be A Better Option?

Hi Mark, I would like your advice. Some years ago I broke my front tooth and had a crown fitted. I also had root canal treatment on the tooth so there’s no nerve there. I had my original tooth ground down to a little peg for a new crown over the years on the NHS, which is nothing like my other teeth! Now I’m looking to pay for a decent new crown as I want to improve the appearance! My gum is black above the tooth, is there anyway to remove that? Would a dental implant be better for me? Thank you for your reply.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. A new crown may suffice but if it’s had a root canal to match it ‘perfectly’ can be a real challenge. Go and see a very experience cosmetic dentist or restorative dental specialist to help. An implant might be a better option if the tooth has a poor long-term prognosis? I would need to see you in person to see if this is the case or not. In the meantime you can find more information on each treatment through this website, this may give you a better idea of what is involved with each procedure. I hope this helps. Regards, Mark.
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