I’m Interested In Laser Gum Contouring And I’m Also Looking At Getting Veneers To Improve My Smile, Which Would You Suggest?

Hello, I’m interested in having laser gum contouring for just my front incisors. I am also looking to have some veneers perhaps maybe four(front and lateral incisors) where there are composites at present (which need to be removed).I have just completed my Invisalign treatment and really just want to renew my smile by making my teeth more even in length. I have heard of Emax veneers and wondered why they’ve become more popular. I have also read that these are better than perhaps Lumineers or Davinci veneers. I don’t really understand the difference, could you me understand the difference?
Hello, I would say that the Emax veneers are stronger than Lumineers and can still give a very good aesthetic result, If you get a consultation at your local clinic they may provide you with more information on the subject. Thank you, I hope this has provided you with a suitable answer to your question. Dr Andrew Moore.
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