Im from dublin and my fangs is now black after lots of filling is veneers suitable

Q. Hi I am from Dublin but living in turkey at the minute. I have genetically crooked teeth at the front of my mouth with fangs and canines. My mouth is very small so hence why the front are all together. One of my fangs is now black after lots of fillings on it i would like to get venners. The denist told me that to change i would have to change the front 7 teeth and she will use something called ymoxin i think thats what she said she said got no metal properties in it. she will decide what she can do. Can to tell me in your opion what is best.

A. I am afraid it really is difficult to advise you without seeing you, I do not know what ymoxin? is.  I think your better option is to find someone who can straighten your teeth first using braces such as Damon Braces as they will reduce the crowding generally without the need to remove teeth and then see what can be done cosmetically.  Please feel free to contact me again if I can be of further help.

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