I’m Concerned That My Root Treatment Will Expose My Crowns. What Happens If I Don’t Have The Treatment?

Hi Andrew, I’d like your advice. I have always visited my NHS dentist regularly. Yet, after seeing a specialist, I have been told that I need root service debridement. I am very concerned about this. Will the treatment damage/expose my crowns and if I don’t have it, what other options do I have? And what will result be without the treatment? Also can I be sure that this will extend my teeth? I have 4 crowns at the top in the front and also at the bottom. Apparently the ones at the bottom are not so bad. I am concerned that the crowns at the top will look too much like crowns. I hope to hear from you. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for writing in. I can’t really tell you what the effects of the treatment will be without seeing you in person but if the roots aren’t healthy they will need treatment otherwise you may lose the teeth. Make sure you find a specialist who you feel totally at ease with and see if they have sedation available if you think you’ll need it. I hope this helps. Best of luck, Dr Andrew Moore. 
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