I’m 71 Years Old And Want To Know If I Am Eligible To Have Veneers Done Through The NHS?

Throughout my life I have had my teeth looked after by visiting my local dentist. In the past I have had heart surgery (valve replacement )
and I am on the prescription drug, Warfarin for the rest of my life. It is a worry to me that if I needed teeth extractions, I would have to go to the dental hospital, in case of any excessive bleeding. I am unsure of my course of action as I believe that would be a problem for me as I would probably need to stop taking Warfarin during the time of any dental treatment. I am 71 years old and receive pension credit. Do you have any information on that would help know if I would I be able to have my veneers done free of charge?
Hello, and good day to you. It is probable that you may qualify for NHS treatment but this usually only provides essential cover. Veneers are more of an elective cosmetic procedure so it is likely that you will probably have to pay for this type of treatment. 
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