I’m 19 and have an overbite, I’m thinking about corrective surgery, where should i start?

Hi there, I’m 19 and have an overbite, I’ve been to an orthodontist before and I had braces with had no ending result and I want to correct my jaw it’s effecting me as a person and confidence so have been thinking about corrective surgery, how would I start to go about it if i want it done?How/where/cost how long does it take? What are the risks and what’s the shortest time it could take? Any side effects any risk it doesn’t work? Would I be able to arrange an appointment and be ongoing the surgery within a few weeks of that?
Hi, You need to get a referral from your dentist or GP to a local Maxillo facial surgeon for a consultation. Time scales and costs are all different so they should be able to fill you in with the details then! Thanks for your question, Regards Andrew Moore
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