i’m 17 and i have multiple gaps in my teeth is there anything you would recommend?

Hi i’m 17 and i have multiple gaps in my teeth that are right next to each other my teeth are straight and i have a small overbite(which isn’t a problem), there are 11 gaps in my teeth, 5 in the top teeth and 6 in the bottom, the 4 in the top are the ones I am more worried about. the ones in the top range from 1mm to 3.5mm and they are all next to each other and the bottom gaps are smaller except for a 2.5mm gap between the premolar and canine tooth. My orthodontist didn’t recommend braces because he said there was a high chance of gaps coming straight back and i can’t afford to spend a lot of money on something that isn’t right for me. Is there anything you would recommend i do or look into? I’ve heard of so many things like veneers of all different kinds, invisalign, orthordill and other teeth bands, also i know that some of these treatments are expensive is there anyway i could reduce the cost? i know that it isn’t very likely but, I’ve been wanting to do something about my teeth since i was 14 and i knew the gaps weren’t going away. The main reason i want to do this now is because i’m going to university next year and i would really love to have a more confident smile when meeting new people and making new friends, i dont want to labeled the silent or shy girl because I keep my mouth shut because I’m not shy but my teeth hold me back and have been for several years. Any advice will be REALLY appreciated.
Hello and thank you for your detailed information and questions.

Veneers could well be the best option for you and I’m going to direct you to a link to show you a case that I completed myself recently. Without seeing you or any photos it’s very difficult to know your exact situation or how complicated it may be to correct but this may well be helpful?


The best thing to do is to come for a comprehensive examination and consultation so we can look at all your options together

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