I’m 16 Years Old, Would This Be Too Young To Get A Dental Implant?

Hello. My front tooth is crooked. It came out twisted just about 180 degrees turned. I have got braces on and was told that the root was a claw shape and it was risky to turn it. The orthodontist said that they were instead, going to have a crown put on it.
After some research on what a crown is a few months later, I have decided that I don’t want my tooth to be ground down. I have called my orthodontist to ask about changing the procedure. They set up a meeting in 20 days to talk to them about the procedure.

The other front tooth is healthy and I would much rather have a real front tooth than a crown. The front tooth is the first part people see of your smile and I don’t want issues like it being a different shade to the other teeth, or the crown falling off. I know they can last a lifetime but so can a real tooth.

I am also only 16 years old and I thought that my teeth would last me my whole life. I think I am too young to be getting a fake tooth.

What should I ask/tell my orthodontist to help me in this situation? Is a crown the only way to go? Thanks.

Hello and thank you for getting in touch. It’s difficult to say without seeing the tooth in person. Perhaps if you are unsure you should try a few different opinions without going through with the treatment. A dental implant with offer the most long term stability if looked after but will also be more costly. If you would like more information on crowns and implants you can find it through this website.
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