Im 11 and is way for me to get a new veneers on my two front teeth

Q. Hi,im 19 years old and since i was 11 i have had veneers on my two front teeth to hide discolouration from flurosis. The veneers were free on the NHS but i dont think they are very good quality at all. They have cracked a number of times over the years and my right one has chipped recently but now i am 19 i have to pay for the veneers which are £500 each so i defianantly cant afford them while i am at university. The veneers also look to big for my mouth and are generally unattractive looking. Is there any other options then having to wait until i am older to get new veneers? they make me feel self-concious about my smile but i cant have them removed as my teeth have been filed down and are still a bit stained. Do you have any advice? Thanks,

A. I honestly think that £500 per veneer is not a bad price. Some cosmetic practices charge alot more. I do understand that this is alot of money to pay out, but if it is something that will massively improve your confidence and make you happy with your smile, I believe that it will be money well spent. It is entirely up to yourself. having the veneers replaced is the only way to sort it out. The NHS will not replacethem unless absoloutely necessary, and if you do find a dentist that will do it- please make sure that they have plenty of experience with cosmetic work. if you are unsure, ask to see some before and after pictures or a portfolio of any cases. If he/she doesn’t have any pictures, then this speaks for itself 🙂

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