If I Whiten The Back Of Teeth, Will It Brighten Up My Smile With Lumineers On?

Hello. I have Lumineers and have had them for about 7 years. I feel like they look a little dingy and are not as white as I would like. I have heard that you can whiten the back of your natural teeth and that will help brighten your smile up. Is there any truth to this? Also how long on average do Lumineers last before needing to replace them. And do you recommend veneers over Lumineers in most cases?

Thanks for your help!

Hello and thank you for your question. Lumineers are essentially ultra thin veneers. Over time any restoration will deteriorate and Lumineers are no exception.
What tends to happen, is that the gums recede away from the teeth over time and staining builds up around the margins of the Lumineers and can detract from their appearance. Also, as these restorations are so thin, they do tend to take colour from the underlying tooth, and if this is very dark it will affect their appearance also. Therefore whitening the back of your natural teeth may actually have some benefit.

In general I advise my patients that treatments like Lumineers, if done well, should last about 10 years or so before needing to be changed. In answer to your question over which I prefer, Veneers or Lumineers, I would say that they are essentially the same thing. Lumineers are a type of veneer that are designed to be ultra thin, requiring very little or no tooth preparation and so their applications are limited. I hope you find this helpful. Kind regards, Marcus Gambroudes.

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