If I Have Osseous Surgery Will My Teeth Become Loose And Brittle? I’m Terrified They Will. Is There Anything Else That Can Be Done?

Hello Andrew, I was wondering whether you can tell me if it is true that teeth become loose and brittle after osseous surgery? I been told I may need this gum surgery and I am terrified about what the outcome will be with my mouth and teeth?
I have receding gums and spaces between my teeth, especially the top teeth, but otherwise I have good oral hygiene. What other options might be available for me to have instead of this gum surgery? Does it really have to be so drastic, this surgery? Please advise me on this. Thank you.
Hello and thank you. It is not always the case but it will depend on the type of surgery you need. Speak to your gum specialist for more detailed information, and try to get all the answers you need from him to give you greater peace of mind. I wish you look with this and I hope my advice helps you. It’s difficult for me to give you any further information without seeing you in person. Thank you.
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