I’d Like To Perfect My Smile Before I Go To University But I Don’t Want Metal Braces. What Are My Orthodontic Options?

Hi, my two front teeth have a tiny gap in between them and my two canines are also slightly higher than I would like (this is due to the fact that when I was younger my canines came in while I still had my baby teeth, I had two white lumps above my teeth when they started growing and although my teeth were a bit wobbly I basically had to pull them out). Is there any way I could fix my teeth without the full metal braces? I wondered about getting an Inman aligner, however I was not sure whether it would help pull down my canines. The problems I mentioned are not severe and my teeth are not terribly high however I would like to perfect my smile. I really do not want metal braces as I am going to university soon and do not want to start off with braces. I was wondering if that doesn’t work if there is anyway to just pull my teeth down? Please help 🙂
It is always very difficult to comment of a specific problem without seeing you in person, however your situation sounds very common. If your teeth are generally in the correct position, but you are looking to make some small adjustments then you have lots of options.
The first is Short Term Orthodontic treatments such as Six Month Smiles and Cfast that are very similar to conventional braces, but use cosmetic tooth coloured brackets and wires. Also the treatment times are usually very much less. Another option would be Clear Aligner Systems such as Invisalign that are almost invisible. I would suggest arranging a consultation with an Orthodontist or dentist experienced in orthodontics to discuss your options. That way you can make an informed decision about the best treatment for you. Kind regards, Marcus Gambroudes.
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