I Would Like To Know Which Material Is Best For Making Dental Crowns? How Much Does This Cost?

Hi Mark. I would like your advice. I want to know the best material with regards to dental crowns. What price should I be looking at? I am currently undergoing dental treatment in hospital and I need a crown? I would like to know what material you use so I can tell my dentist. It’s difficult being from another country to know what works best and where to obtain these materials. Thank you in advance for your reply. 
There are so many questions to ask and investigations to make before deciding what crown is the “best” in your particular circumstances. For example, which tooth is it? Is the intended result to be extremely highly aesthetic or is the crown desired to be fitted more for strength or functional reasons? Maybe both superb aesthetics and strength are required? How much natural tooth is left underneath? How much of that is enamel? What is the colour of the tooth or material underneath?

Costs will vary and there are never “fixed prices” because dentists vary in experience and skill level. There will be variations in the costs of the materials and the skill and experience of the dental technicians who make the restorations. Your particular tooth maybe much more difficult to get excellent results or you as a patient may be easy of difficult to treat.

The best advice I can give you is to go on the recommendation of a very experienced dentist and maybe have a couple of second opinions before you decide who to invest. Kind regards, Mark.

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