I Would Like To Know How Soon I Should Get A Referral For A Dental Implant After Having A Tooth Extracted?

Hi Mark. I have just had my lower 6 removed today with a great deal of drilling and discomfort and it’s still bleeding 6 hours later. This is following several failed attempts at a root canal to make ready for a crown. That treatment started in May 2013! Once again I had toothache last week and again over the weekend so asked them for an extraction today. I heal very quickly, my dentist was surprised how fast I healed when my wisdom teeth were extracted. I’d like to know how soon I should get a referral for an implant? My dentist said to wait 4 months before doing anything but I wondered if sooner would be beneficial?

Many thanks.

Hello and thank you for your enquiry. I would go for the assessment immediately so that it can be planned now. Usually 12 weeks wait is needed following removal of an infected tooth but some planning is required in a lot of cases before actually placing the implant and sometimes bone grafting is needed first too. I hope this answers your question. Kind regards, Mark.
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