I Would Like A More Natural Crown In Terms Of Natural Feel And Texture. What Procedure Would Provide Best Results?

Hi. I have a brief enquiry in regards to a crown I currently have over my broken tooth allocated at my front bottom gum which was placed over after my root canal procedure, which was undertaken about a few years ago, however I’m concerned as I wish to have a procedure where the crown is not distinct and actually feels like my natural teeth in terms of feel, colour and texture.
What procedure would be more suitable solely?
As I am very subconscious about my smile.
I was referred to a specialist as a few years post to my root canal the dentists discovered a lump located directly underneath my broken tooth in the gum, with results suggesting the is an infection which will need to be cleaned but am unsure even with that what the best method of approach would be on this concerning matter.
I’m still researching on what would be suitable to my preference with so many options however I’m sure with your expert advice you will be able to assist me accordingly.


The result you desire could be achieved with possibly one of the following treatments:
– a highly aesthetic crown (maybe with internal bleaching beforehand)
– a dental implant with crown
– some kind of bridge in order to ascertain which treatment is best for you it would be ideal to come in for a consultation or email some very good photographs and a recent X-ray of the tooth in question.

Kind regards, Mark.

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