I went to have my chipped tooth repaired but my dentist said it doesn’t need treating, how can I insist that he does something about it?

Hi i have just chipped my front right tooth on a glass. its only very small but its left a jaggery line which looks awful. I am really bothered about it. I also went to the my dentist about a chip in my bottom tooth a few months ago which is not as noticeable as its on the bottom and he charged me £17 just to say no it did not require treatment. I refuse to pay that again just to hear those words. I really need this fixing. How can I insist he does something about this? Surely its not too much hard work. All he seems to say to me whenever I go is that my teeth are better than most and I should be grateful. This isn’t the right attitude surely? I thought preventative dentistry was supposed to be the best way, my teeth are only going to get worse if they are left like this!
Hi, well, I’m not really sure what you can do without maybe finding another dentist to take a look for you? If the chip is only minor it can’t really be built up without damaging more tooth structure. I hope this helps.
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October 11th, 2013 at 08:47 PM
maria thompson Says :

hi,i have a chipped front tooth and my dentist wont fix it,its chipped in 3 different places (bottom of tooth zig zag pattern) also it has a crack running along it.what can be done about it as it looks awfull

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