I Was Unable To Wear My Retainer During Military Training, And My Teeth Moved Back. How Much Will It Be To Fix?

Hi, Dr Hughes. I wore braces for two years, then had them taken off, and started wearing retainers until I went to basic military training. I had to take off my retainers because you are not allowed to wear them in basic military training. I had only worn them for six months before I went, and then after basic military training my teeth had kind of moved back or got jacked up a little. How much would it cost me to get them straightened with braces again? I’m pretty sure there’s not that much work needed on it and it should only take six months or less? I hope you can answer my query for me. Thanks in advance.
The cost and effort required to realign really depends on how much relapse you have had and what type of treatment or treatment system you choose to have. If it’s fairly simple it could be as little as £1000-£1500 but if complex and a more advanced or expense system is used (eg Invisalign or Incognito)then costs can rise to as much as £4000-£8000. My guess without seeing you is that it could be fairly straight forward and I’d advise you also have fixed retainers moving forwards

Hope that all makes sense but it would all start with an examination and consultation



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