I Want The Perfect Smile, What Is The Best Way I Can Achieve This?

Hello, most of my teeth are straight (Apart from one tooth which the bottom of the tooth very, very slightly overlaps the tooth next to it. Nobody notices it but I do and know it’s there) and not very discoloured, however I want ‘The perfect smile’ so I have been considering having Lumineers for a while now but was just wondering two things.
1. How much roughly am I looking at spending for a full set (I know it will vary from person to person) but just a rough figure.
2. Can you choose how white you want them? As I would want them white, white.
I hope you can help me with these questions.
Hope to hear from you soon, Kindest regards.
Hello. You may have sort it out with an orthodontic device like an Inman aligner or others which help align the tooth. Lumineers is also an option and you can have as white as you want but you need to consider that it may not match the other teeth in your mouth.
Thank you for your enquiry.
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