I Want An Improved Profile But I Don’t Want Invasive Jaw Surgery. Is There Any Other Cosmetic Dental Treatment That Can Help Me Fix My Deep Overbite?

Hello Dr Hughes. I have a deep overbite. I visited a dentist and they told me to a have jaw surgery. This is something I’m extremely scared of. I only want to make my profile look better. I am interested to know if I would be a good candidate for cosmetic dentistry and if possible, how would I be treated, will it be veneers, braces or other ways to treat my overbite? Also I would like to know if properly treated how long can the veneers last as I am 18 years old. Thank you for your time.
Hello. If surgery has been advised then orthodontics may be only able to have a limited corrective benefit. Equally so veneers may not be able to make significant changes. I would advise that you have some additional consultations and second opinions to see what could be achieved by way of a compromise option for you. It depends but veneers can last between 8-12 years on average. I hope this helps you. Kind regards, Mark.
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