I Think My Wisdom Tooth Is Coming Through But I Am Worried It Could Be Something Serious. Can You Help Me?

Hello, right at the back of my mouth where my wisdom tooth would be there is a piece of gum that is inflamed like a little bubble.

It happened a few days ago but went down. Now it has come back again. It is only painful to push on though and is not causing me too much distress at the moment. I also have a filling on to tooth next to it which I’m not sure would make any difference. I’m also suffering with a cold at the minute so I’m unsure as to whether this could affect it either.
I’m assuming it might just be my wisdom teeth coming through as I am 24 years old but I’m worried it could be something serious.

Please help me with this!


Hello. From what you have told me, I believe it’s your wisdom tooth coming through. If it doesn’t clear up within a couple weeks and continues to be painful you should go to your dentist to get some antibiotics and get it checked out as it may need to be removed. Thank you. Dr Hussein Shaffie.
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