I Suffer From Bad Breath, Despite Regularly Brushing My Teeth. What Treatments Are Available To Combat This Problem?

Hello Andrew,

I have been suffering from bad breath for many years and now realise that I need to seek proffessional help in order to obtain a long term solution. To give you a brief idea of my problem, I brush my teeth at least twice a day and in the way in which my dentist advises. I also regularly clean my tongue and use mouthwash, but within one hour of my routine, to maintain oral hygeine, I can guarantee that the bad breath will be back. Although my gums are alot better than they used to be, I still believe that it is the gum disease, that my dentist tells me I have, that is the main cause of the problem. Can you advise me of any treatments available that I can undergo to remove this problem from my life.

Kind Regards

Hello there, I think that you should seek advice from a gum specialist, otherwise known as a periodontist. If you are located in the south east our periodontist would be happy to see you for a consultation. Call 08443 87 87 88 to discuss your options and make an appointment.
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