I Struggle to Speak After My Treatment. What Should I Do?

Sir, I have huge gap between my six upper front teeth. I went to the dentist and he trimmed my all six teeth and placed a bride with two extra fake teeth. After the treatment I am not able to speak properly and it is very uncomfortable for me. Do I have another choice to get out of these problems? I am really tense and scared of re-treating them again. Before going to the dentist I didn’t have any problems. I just wanted to improve the aesthetics. And now I am thinking this was the biggest mistake.
Thank you for your question. I think you should visit a very experienced cosmetic dentist for advice about how to rectify the situation. Skill and experience is vital to get great results with cosmetic dentistry and you must choose a dentist wisely. I am sure you can be helped but the treatment is most likely irreversible. Best wishes, Mark.
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