I Replaced My Amalgam Filling With A White Filling As It Had Decay. My Molar Tooth Is Now Throbbing. Should I Go Back To My Dentist?

Hi Mark. Today I got an amalgam filling replaced with a white filling. The tooth was not sore in any way but the dentist advised that there was decay and that I would need the filling removed. The molar tooth is now throbbing. Is this normal? Also when I eat, the food seems to be lodging between the filled tooth and the other molar, this did not happen before the procedure. Should I go back to the the dentist? I wish I hadn’t got the amalgam filling removed as it did not cause me any pain. Now I feel like I’ll probably need a root canal. Thank you.
Hi. It is perfectly normal to experience symptoms after dental treatment, especially if your tooth had deep decay. The food lodging should not happen though so there may be an issue with the contact point created by the filling – this can be a very challenging thing to do with composite resin ‘white ‘ fillings so the skill and experience of the dentist is a big factor.  You should definitely go back to the dentist and have them assess it and if you feel comfortable allow them the opportunity to make things work (sometimes things do not go according to plan).

If the amalgam and the decay underneath had not been removed you would have almost certainly ended up needing a root canal treatment and it would most likely a crown or onlay after that. Unfortunately the therapeutic treatment can result in complications but of course the goal is not to have any. In a lot of cases the sensitivity settles as the tooth ‘self heals’ but if the decay had already gone too deep this may not happen. The problem is usually what lies underneath not the actual treatment to fix it.

Hope that makes sense.  Regards, Mark.

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