I Recently Tried Home Whitening Treatment Which Has Left White Spots On My Teeth. How Can I Get Rid Of These Spots?

Hi Dr Hughes. I have a couple of questions for you. I recently tried a home whitening kit that has left white spots on my teeth, I really do not wish to continue the treatment, how can I get I’d of these spots? And I’m looking to straighten my teeth, they are not awful but my two front teeth are starting to cross and I don’t want braces, I’ve heard of clear step but roughly how much is it? And is there any other cheap options to get straight teeth? Thanks.
Hello and thank you for your enquiry. The white spots were likely always there and the whitening has just made them more obvious. It’s usually due to concentrated calcium or fluoride areas that formed as the teeth developed.

If this is the case then I usually put my patients on a more long term and ‘deep’ bleaching technique to try to bring the background colour of the teeth closer to the intense white spot. Then we sometimes follow with a microabrason treatment to try to ‘polish’ out the top layer of the white spot and then more bleaching again afterwards for a few more weeks.

Go and see a tooth whitening expert for advice if your dentist is not familiar with these techniques or treatments. Braces costs depend on the complexity of treatment needed. You can find more information on discreet braces and clear aligners through this website. Regards, Mark.

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