I Recently Had Eight Veneers Fitted And I’m Struggling To Make Certain Sounds. Please Advise Me? It Doesn’t Seem To Get Any Better.

Hi Mark. I recently had veneers done on the upper 8 teeth, my old teeth were small and spaced apart. Now I can hardly pronounce anything and especially the
“S” sound. I’ve heard that it gets better with the time but what worries me is that no improvement what so ever had happened since I installed the new veneers. All the practice I’ve been doing seems to have no effect at all. Also the veneers that were installed are bigger and taller than my original teeth. Please advise me doctor? Thanks.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch. They could be too large for your speech adaptation – I would go for a second opinion from a very experienced cosmetic dentist who does 1000’s of veneers and bring along your photos and stone study models of your teeth before you had the veneers. It’s likely that if you do not begin to adapt (it can take a month or so) that they’ll have to be reduced in size. I hope this helps you. Regards, Mark.
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