I Recently Had A Front Tooth Crown Fall Out. I Have Since Been Given A Quote By My Dentist For A Dental Implant. How Do I Know If I’m Being Ripped Off?

Hi Mark. I recently had a front tooth crown fall out. My dentist told me that the remaining tooth couldn’t be saved, so removed the tooth and I currently have a temporary denture which doesn’t fit correctly and is uncomfortable to wear. I have already been charged £219 for this treatment. I have been given a quote by my dentist for a dental implant, teeth whitening and 3 white fillings (to replace existing metal ones) which I feel is very expensive. How do I know if I’m being ripped-off? I have been told that my only other option is a permanent denture. My fear is that I pay another £219 and find that a permanent denture is uncomfortable to wear. My dentist has given me 1 week to make a decision and I’m not sure what to do?
The question of quality needs to be asked before you can ascertain if something is ‘expensive ‘ or not – for example a Ferrari is an expensive car but you’re paying for something exceptional, luxurious and of the very highest quality. The same is true in dentistry – you can get ‘cheap’ treatment but it may not deliver for you all that you wish for and may not last a long time? I’d figure out exactly what you want first, in terms of how good the final result is to be (how natural and aesthetic the replacement tooth is, how long your fillings might be expected to last, how ‘invisible’ will your fillings be next to the natural tooth, how skilled and experienced do you want the dentist to be etc…) and then get a few opinions and quotes. Regards, Mark.
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