I Need To Know If I Can Have A Tooth Replacement Via A Crown Instead Of Having To Wear Dentures?

Hello Dr Patel, I need to tell you that I currently have a missing front tooth, and I am wondering if you know whether I can have a false one fitted via a crown, instead of having to wear dentures? I have stopped smoking as to help my dental hygiene and have lost most of my lower back teeth as well. My other related problems are that I get chronic indigestion and sore gums, and I have stained teeth due to a medicine I was given as a baby and had crowns fitted fifteen years ago to make me have white teeth. I keep on top of my oral health and brush my teeth twice a day and I also use cordisol mouthwash. I really hope you can guide me in these matters, kind regards and thank you.
Hello, from what you have stated I would advise that you could possibly have an implant depending on the bone health in that area. As we often advise, I suggest a full consultation would be needed for a thorough assessment of your symptoms. Many thanks.
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