I need some cosmetic bonding done, how should I choose a dentist?


I have an upper midline diastema which has been filled with composite on a few occasions over the past 16 years. My bonds are worn again and my new dentist says she can replace them.

I am unsure because my dental surgeon has only been qualified as a BDS for nearly 3 years. Do you think she will be competent or does this type of work require a cosmetic dentist? I have only been quoted £36 for this treatment which seems unrealistically cheap too.

Any information would be so much appreciated.

Many thanks.


I’d strongly recommend you go and see someone who has a lot more experience in cosmetic bonding, especially if you wish to have an extremely good aesthetic result. And yes, the fee is very low. I’d ask the dentist of they have an examples to showe you of work similar to this that they’ve carried out before. Good cosmetic dentists always have extensive portfolios of their work to show off.
Search out a cosmetic dentist who is a member of the BCAD or ACCD or choose someone from this directory
Hope that helps

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