I Need Braces, But I Don’t Want My Teeth Extracted. Is There Any Other Treatment That Could Help Me?

Hi Andrew. I am a college student, I’m 19 years old and I don’t actually have extremely bad teeth but the major problem is that my upper jaw is a bit out. I even asked for braces from the dentist but he said that braces are possible only after 5 extractions, but I don’t wish to extract my teeth. I tend to hesitate when I smile. My teeth aren’t very long. They are white, short and clustered but not too much overcrowding. Could you please suggest something to help me? Thanks.
Hi, thank you for getting in touch with me. You might want to consider an alternate opinion regarding braces. If they all say the same thing then you may have to consider an alternate form of treatment. Without seeing you in person, it’s difficult to suggest anything which may be of help. This website has information on the various types of treatment which might be helpful to your situation. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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