I Love The Way My New Plate Looks, But It’s Given Me A Lisp. Can They Change It’s Shape?

Hello, I want to tell you that I had top replacement plate made because my first plate was nine years old and I thought it was time to get a second one in case something happened to the only plate I had. Well, the new plate looks beautiful, but I now have a lisp. To me it seems like the palate is too deep on this plate. It is much deeper on this plate than on my other one. Do you know if they can alter the plate somehow? Is this a question a lot of people ask? I really do love the way my new plate looks, I just hate the lisp that it has given me. They advised that I try it and see if it goes away. What do they do to try and resolve this?

Any help you can give me is much appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello and thank you for your enquiry. I think, based on what you have told me, that you should go back to your dentist and see if they can alter it to be more like your old one or you wait for 2-3 months to see if you can adapt to the changes in this plate.
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