I Haven’t Been To A Dentist For Two Years As I Have Dental Phobia. How Much Would It Cost To Have My Fillings Replaced?

Hi Andrew. I’ve not been to the dentist for about 2 years I’ve got dental phobia and the whole experience just scares me. I’ve got very weak teeth and 2 of my bottom back teeth have broken I also have a lot of fillings. I really want them sorting out as I realise how important my teeth are. What sort of piece would I be looking at to have my fillings replaced probably about 6 of them and also the bottom 2 teeth that have broken? I’m with an NHS dentist at the moment? Thanks.
Hello. As I am a private dentist I’m not sure what it would cost on the NHS but we charge from £150 per filling on back teeth. You should find a dentist that you feel comfortable with as your first step to overcoming your fears. Dental phobia affects many people and you should seek help for this before it causes long-term dental damage. I hope that helps but you really need a proper examination and quotation to find out what treatment you need. Have a look around this website for information about dental phobia. Regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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