I Have Very Sensitive Teeth But I’m Too Scared To Go The Dentist. Please Advise Me On Where I Should Go?

Hello Dr Moore. I hope you can help me sort something out. I have 3 broken teeth which are very sensitive and I am in pain. But I just cannot go dentist as I’m just so scared but I need some help. The thought of another needle in my mouth makes me feel so ill. I really would like sedation just to have them all out and be done with. Please advise me on where I go from here? Is sedation possible on NHS? How quickly can I have it done? Also what do you recommend for someone as scared as myself? Even cold air on my teeth gives me have pain and chewing hard food is near on impossible. I want to get them sorted so I can have regular check-ups. Thanks.
Hello. You need to get yourself to a dentist who offers sedation. Have a look on the internet, it’s unlikely you can do this on the NHS but try to search your local area and try a number of dentists and stick with the one you feel most comfortable with, and who offers experience in this field. I hope this helps you. Kind regards, Dr Andrew Moore.
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