I Have Too Much Exposed Gum. What Can I Do About This?

Hello Dr Hughes. I have three upper teeth on a partial denture, and I really like them. However, I have a tooth on the upper left side that is causing me bother because when I smile the gum is very exposed, making the tooth look smaller and it doesn’t match up with my new teeth. Do you think I could I get it removed and have a bigger false one added to my denture to hide the exposed gum and make it match up with my teeth on the denture? The false teeth are two front and the one next to them is on the right side. I really don’t like the exposed gum on the left side, what can I do about this? Thank you. 
Hello there, thank you for getting in touch. Yes, that could be a possibility and one option . I’d go and see an expert in cosmetic and/or restorative dentistry who can offer a range of solutions and advice on what would be best for you, as there may be a number of options available to you. Regards,  Mark. 
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