I have several missing teeth would I be a suitable candidate for dental bridge treatment?

Hello, I am interested in dental bridge work. My 2 front teeth are part porcelain composite, now discoloured. the 2 teeth immediately to the left and right of my front teeth have been extracted and I have been offered a pallet by my dentist which I don’t want. Do you think I would be a suitable candidate for dental bridge work? If so, how much might it cost? My teeth status, is not good lots of non-visible missing teeth. I also suffer acid erosion due to acute gastric problems which is treated. Also I’m am almost 60 years old.Thank you – I live in Liverpool UK
Hi and thank you for your questions.

You could well be suitable for bridge work. Have you also considered dental implants?

The only way to answer your questions with great accuracy, including assessing your suitability for treatment and to provide cost estimates, would be to have the opportunity to examine you in person. There are so many variables otherwise and thus impossible to be specific.

I would advise you to find a really good cosmetic dentist near you in Liverpool or if you would like to experience the quality of Harley Street dental care then please come and visit us in London

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