I have relatively large front teeth and considering cosmetic treatment.

Q. I haven’t been visited te dentist for a while now, but haven’t expereinced anything major with my teeth. The only thing concerning me with my teeth are the way they look. My front two teeth are quite large, but the only look large as the next set of teeth are small. I’m 20 now but it feels as though my front 4 teeth going bent especially mt 2 ‘small’ teeth. i feel so paranoid as i smile alot. I now find my smile to be more smaller and tighter. I’m not sure if braces is a good option although i would like straight teeth all over (my bottom teeth are not too straight either. I’m not keen on braces and i know the pricing to correct my teeth will not be cheap or even a ‘little affrordable’. I’ve haerd about Invisalign. I’m quite interested. However i’m also interested in something that will sort out the problem with my 2 ‘small’ teeth, so that they are equal to the rest of my teeth. Is there something that i could have for the small set of teeth, that won’t damage my own teeth and will last me for a long time?

A. To change a shape of the tooth, veneers may be possible. Either composite or porcelain may be possible. I would recommend a consultation to allow the dentist to answer your specific questions.

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