I Have Rang An Orthodontist And Booked A Consultation, How Much Will I Have To Pay For Braces?

Hiya! I really want braces, I am 22 years old my teeth look straight on the top it’s just my two front teeth both overlap and stick out a bit. I have also got a gap in my bottom ones. They are straight at the sides luckily, it’s just the front there is two teeth that need pushing forward , I have rang a dentist and booked a consultations just wondering how I will pay for them by fiance? And also how much is the minimum and how often will I have to pay the dentist? please advise me as I am only on very low income, I really need them because I feel so depressed all the time. I hate to smile every time I look in the mirror in the morning I just hate the way they are. I don’t want to feel this way about them anymore. 
Hi, sorry to hear about you feeling depressed. I would suggest that you meet some good dentists and get some quotes and financial  options and see where you feel comfortable and you feel most comfortable with. I hope this helps, Riten. 
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