I Have Pain In My Jaw But I Can’t Afford To Get This Fixed. Do You Have Any Ideas On What I Can Do?

Hello Dr Hughes. I had steroids as a child and as a result my teeth more or less all contain fillings. Money is tight for me, but I have a very painful jaw which my dentist tends to ignore. I have two teeth missing and others need pulling out. I am only 36 and find it hard to smile because I have lost all confidence as my teeth are such a mess not to mention how painful eating and drinking is. What should I do? Any help or advice on this will really be helping me. Thank you in advance.
Hello. Without seeing an experienced dentist it’s difficult to say how much work is needed and what the costs are likely to be, so I suggest having a consultation with someone as your first step. This way you can have a clear figure to save up to. Regarding finances, you could ask your dentist to refer you to a dental hospital in your area. Waiting lists are lengthy however. The other option is to find a practice which can help you cover the costs over a long period to make paying more manageable. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Mark.
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July 24th, 2014 at 08:47 PM
Nichola Turner Says :

Thank you for your reply I would be happy if I could find a dentist in my area everyone I see doesn’t seem to be bothered I will just have to keep looking many thanks

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