I Have Pain At The Back Of My Mouth and My Cheek Is Swollen. What Could This Be?

Hi Dr Hughes, Could you help me? I have pain on the left hand side at the back and my teeth ache all the time and hurts to open my mouth wide and to eat. At the back, where the pain is, it looks white as if there is a tooth about to emerge. When closing my mouth it feels like there is something hard in the way. Also my cheek is slightly swollen. I can feel the pain going up to my ear. What could this be? I need something that can take the pain away. Thank you.
Hello and thank you for getting in touch with me. It sounds like it could be an infection or abscess in the gum around the tooth which might be emerging? If this is a wisdom tooth, you may need to get this removed. Best to get it checked out professionally as soon as possible. The pain is unlikely to go away until you do this. Avoid extremely hot or cold food in the meantime. You will most likely be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers by your dentist. I hope this is helpful. Regards, Mark.
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