I have lost my front 4 teeth and would like information on dental implants

Good evening,
My question is to ask how i can find out more information, price et on implants. I lost my 4 front teeth 6 years ago due to accident and iv worn false teeth since. iv had 4 sets of teeth made on the nhs and they fit for about a month then they become loose and its embarrasing when they come loose when talkin with my friends, iv even stopped going out. im so worried i would love to be able to smile again. please please help im only 29 with two young children and i see my confidence going down every day.
Hi and thanks for your questions.

The price of implant treatment can vary greatly and can be very confusing. The kind of things that can vary cost are:

1. the experience and qualifications of the dentists – specialists and those with most experience usually charge a higher fee for their expertise but this usually comes with greater treatment success, predictability and results

2. the difficulty of your particular case

3. the quality of the result you wish to achieve – in general the higher your demands for the result to look perfectly natural and blend with your own teeth, the more difficult it is to carry out

4. the quality of the implants used – the best types, with the most research and quality of manufacture , carry the highest cost to the dentists. Take the recent media exposure of the use of inferior breast implants – it would be wise to invest in the very best quality with the most research behind them. Examples of high quality are Straumann, Nobel Biocare, 3i and Ankylos amongst others….

5. the skill and experience of the dental technician used to fabricate the crowns or bridges that sit on top of the implants

6. if bone grafting is required

The best thing for you to do is to visit some experts in providing these treatments and ideally have several consultations so that you can decide which dentist/specialist/practice suits you best. I would advise that as the risks with implant treatments are greater than simpler dental procedures to invest in the highest quality that you can afford. A lot of practices will have financing options, if you need them, to offer an affordable way to have the treatment and the dentist you desire.

Hope this helps you make your decisions

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