I have lost most of my teeth but cannot afford the cost of dental work, what can I do?

Hi, I am wondering if you know of any places or if people ever do pro bono work. I am 38, have lost almost all my teeth, have barely any gums left and am always having headaches and at times extreme pain due to broken teeth. I never feel good and I believe its due to my mouth. I can barely chew food any more which is causing stomach issues now. i am in the Asheville area of NC and am a mom to a k and a 1st grader and a wife. I dont want to die early and live with this embarrassement anymore cause I know I have a wonderful life to live for. Im so tired of living like this and we dont have money so I havent visited a dentist in probably 20 years. Any ideas or suggestions would be so appreciated
In cases were only a few teeth in poor condition are left it maybe better to remove the last standing teethand fit full dentures. This will remove infection restore appearance and may reduce jaw joint strain (which can cause headaches)
It is also a cost effective option.
In the UK reduced fees or free treatment is carried out at teaching dental hospitals.
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