I Have Just Realised I’ve Got An Overbite. Does It Require Surgery To Fix And How Much Does It Cost?

Hello Dr Moore. I just found out that I have an overbite, and I think its a major overbite, I never thought about it before because I thought everyone’s mouth was like that but then I Googled why my top teeth were too far in front of my bottom teeth, then found out about the overbite. My question is, how is overbite cured? And how much will it cost in the UK? And if it is surgery to cure, what is the chance that everything will be okay? I’m 13 years old. Thank you.
Hello thank you for your question. You need to see an orthodontist for braces, it should be free on the NHS for anyone under 16 so you still have time to get this sorted. This shouldn’t require surgery unless you need Jaw correction, and some people may require teeth extracting. Your orthodontist should run through all this with you. Use this website to get more familiar with the different types of braces available. I hope that helps you clarify your situation. Regards, Andrew.
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